Silent Auction: Southern Fundraising will provide all the necessary items, tools and staffing to host and manage a silent auction from start to finish. We have our own tables, table draping, bid sheets, and of course our own inventory. Our inventory is unique, certified and could be a beautiful addition to your already donated items. We can combine our highly valuable inventory and include your donated items to make a uniform auction at no additional charge. We have a very large inventory of our own and can customize to your specific needs but also can downsize to fit any auction size. Our concept is simple; you give us an opportunity and a little space and let our professional staff handle the rest.

Live Auction: For certain qualifying events Southern Fundraising will provide a live auctioneer that is fully trained in our inventory and can make for an exciting evening. A live auctioneer can command higher bidding prices and stir up a crowd into a bidding frenzy. Having a Live auctioneer is a real way to get the attendees competition against each other to see who has the deepest pockets. This a great option to drive profits for the organization.

Live Event Painter: In some cases, Southern Fundraising has provided a live event painter. For larger and special events we have used a live artist to paint on canvas the actual event. This really sets your event apart as our artist can fill in the guest from your event right on to the canvas. At the end of the event, this masterpiece can be auctioned off for huge profits. This is an amazing way to get your guest talking during and even after the event about your charity.

Celebrity Guest: Over the years Southern Fundraising has formed relationships with certain athletes, movie stars and local celebrities during private signings and events. With these types of relationships, we have the ability to contract these celebrities to attend certain events. We have worked with a wide range of VIP’s and have the ability to bring them to your next event. This opens the door for VIP meet and greets, photo, and autograph opportunities.  This is a great way to really showcase your special event if you can claim that an A-List celebrity will be in attendance.

How it works: Southern Fundraising wants to be as transparent as possible. We are a company of values and morals. We want to be able to provide a service in which we can be a partner with you and be successful together. Our concept is simple if you give us the opportunity to display and auction our items we will donate a large portion of our profits back to you. We donate 30% of our profit and 100% of any bids that go above and beyond the opening bid. Please see below for an example:

Drew Brees Jersey

Drew Brees Framed Jersey- Opening bid of $350

If this Item only receives 1 bid…The charity would receive 30% of $350

In the case that multiple bids are received, the charity would receive the original 30% of $350 plus any monies over $350. In this case, if the Final bid was $750, the Charity could expect a return of $505 for one item. This type of return is a real example of how multiple bids on one item can drive revenue for the charity or organization.